The author of a bill that would force California universities to make royalty payments directly to football and basketball players, and transform the Pac-12 in the process, wants the legislation turned into law this year.

“I want to have it on the governor’s desk by September,’’ Assembly Member Sydney Kamlager told the Hotline on Thursday.

If AB-609 becomes law, major college sports in California would cease to exist in their current form, with athletes in the marquee sports potentially receiving six-figure annual payments and becoming de-facto employees.

The change would have immense consequences for the Pac-12 and other conferences with members in California…

Kamlager views her bill as the next step, following Fair Pay To Play, in the evolution of athletes’ rights — a move toward economic equality in sports that generate $100 million (or more) per school per year.

“How do you adjust the lopsided pie that is the revenue coming to the NCAA and to the Pac-12, and that comes out of the athletic departments, and where do the student-athletes fit in?” she said.

“I’m incredulous that college coaches can earn seven or eight million (in annual salary) on the backs of these kids.”

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