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Sydney Kamlager is the leading Democratic candidate for California’s 30th Senate District in Los Angeles. Currently she represents the 54th Assembly District.

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#homelessness is a sad reality for thousands of people in L.A.
Join Senator @sydneykamlager, @boreskes & other distinguished expert panelists who will clarify what state and local governments can and cannot do to address homelessness. To register, visit

👋🏽 Please consider joining us on October 27th from 11-12pm PT for a conversation about innovative policies and strategies for intimate partner violence (IPV) prevention in California and beyond.

👉🏽 Register at:

It’s disability employment month. Let’s make sure our policies are creating equal and accessible opportunities in our workplaces and beyond.

Upon school dismissal, @AUSLWPAHS opened its doors for kids to go home.

Bullets, not sunrays, rained into the school, striking a 14 year-old girl and a security guard.

We have to:

Get guns off our streets
Offer something else to our people
Stop killing our own

👉Next week! We will explore innovative, #publichealth-oriented practices and policies that CA can consider to re-imagine the role of batterer intervention programs and prevent #intimatepartnerviolence across the state. Register today and share widely!! ->

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California has a wealth of incredible leaders, and my friend Senator Sydney Kamlager is no exception. Since day one, Sydney has remarkably advanced equity, justice and opportunity. We share this mission, and I’m proud to announce her support as we bring the representation we need to Congress! ...
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It's official, collectively, we made sure the #CRISESAct has been signed into law! 🏆🙌✊ Thank you Sydney Kamlager for championing #AB118 & the tireless work done by organizers, community, & advocates. 👏🗣 Anti Police-Terror Project, STOP Police Terror Coalition-California, ACLU California Action, Black Lives Matter - Los Angeles, Justice Teams Network, SV De-Bug, Youth Justice Coalition, The Berkeley Free Clinic, PolicyLink, East Bay Community Law Center, Public Health Advocates, Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice ...
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Do you realize that by initiating (and with its passing) the probation time for misdemeanors how much additional pain you you have caused for surviving loved ones of manslaughter victims? My husband was killed by a driver 2years ago. He never once showed up for court. Has NEVER taken responsibility or apologized! DID NOT SHOW UP FOR HIS MEASLY 6MONTH JAIL TIME. I wonder if you at any time thought about manslaughter being a misdemeanor? I wonder if you considered the victims families and how heartbreaking it is to hear that someone who killed their loved one has now been granted even more slack in their sentence. I am heartbroken again. ...
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Since joining the legislature in 2018, I have been working for you.
And a just new world.




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